This Is Democracy?

I want to add that hundreds of thousands of convicted felons who have served their court ordered consequences are disenfranchised in many states they work and live in. They are overwhelmingly minorities, often impoverished, and are quickly becoming more and more women. This is a travesty. These states, mine included (sunny Florida), should be ashamed.

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Over the past few years, there have been some disturbing trends in the functioning of our government. The Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case opened up campaign financing to unlimited large sums of “dark money” via anonymous contributors to political action committees that are supposedly not aligned with any individual candidate’s campaign. Corporations are deemed to have the rights of people and money deemed speech protected by the First Amendment. Rather than “one person, one vote” politics have become more a case of “one dollar, one vote”, as corporations and the wealthy are now much more able to make their voices heard during the campaign season. All previous attempts at reigning in campaign spending have been rendered meaningless and now often the amount of money a person can spend or raise becomes more significant than the ideas and policy positions individual candidates seek to bring forth.

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Writing & Publication Goals For 2016

Jens Lyon, the author of Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical and the upcoming Red Flags, lists her amazing and daunting 2016 goals. Then asks, ‘What are your goals?’

Hmm. I co-founded and ran an organization that used solely online means to meet its goals, yet I don’t have this blogging thing down. While JL is writing novels, I want to figure out how to blog better, how to make this site look exactly like I want and how to learn to do it myself with no web master. That is the goal I’ll call JANUARY. The rest of my work is solid;)



Source: Writing & Publication Goals For 2016

BEYOND PUNISHMENT: A Miami Herald investigation of Lowell Correctional Institution

If you don’t think we need criminal justice reform, you’re not paying attention.

If you think it’s not your problem, it is. Who do you think pays for it?

Which state’s have legislators that make deals with private prisons to fill them and will have to pay for empty beds, if we ever had such a thing? Is yours one of them? WHY don’t you know?!

Read on: Be disgusted, demoralized, enraged . . . and then DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

Source: BEYOND PUNISHMENT: A Miami Herald investigation of Lowell Correctional Institution

Dear America: A Letter to Hillary

Dear America —

Can you believe how unpopular Hillary Clinton is?! I don’t like her! Have you seen her ankles? I mean, really? And her hair? Like, hello!! Pick a style. Pick a color. Pick a position. Just like a politician. *rolling eyes*

And don’t get me started on the pantsuits. Lady, you’re not hiding your ankles. And you call yourself “poor”?? Nobody who has that many colors and shades of pantsuits is poor. Your pantsuits ensemble puts my whole wardrobe to shame. You have a new piece of jewelry for every one of these outfits, too. God, it’s like you actually went out and worked for your money. Some “American Dream” broohaahaa.

I’m not really into her voice. She comes off very, um, cold. Do you see that, too? She’s not warm enough? People say she comes off much warmer in person but they’re all . . . what’s that word .  .  . PUMA’s!!! Ick. Back to the voice: like fingers running down a chalkboard and while she’s, like, the most respectable woman in the world, who the fuck wants Grandma in the White House?!? Feel me?

Most qualified? For what? May she forever be damned for that Iraq vote!! It’s not like she was given faulty intelligence or anything. The woman is going to get us in WWIII. Now Bernie is a socialist. Could we ALL be Great Britain? I don’t know why we liberated (thank you, France) ourselves from them in the first place. Only to become the greatest military and economic superpower the world has ever seen, eclipsing even the ancient Greeks and Romans. As if.

I don’t like Hillary Clinton. I don’t like the way she looks. I don’t like the way she sounds. And I don’t like that she’s the most accomplished, admired woman in the world.

Love —

Bernie Bots and the GOP

Bleeding Heart

I wish I knew who this was for . . .

From The Inside Out

It feels like my heart is bleeding;
it’s being torn into a million pieces, pleading.

I’m staring at the ceiling,
trying to pin-point this feeling.

I see the dark and the light,
the heart and the fight behind your beautiful eyes.
Despite all of those painful lies and goodbyes.

And I’m trying to shake off this pain,
Forget what I felt and remain in my lane.
Yet, I sit here and think;
feeling that little drop when I blink.
Because I think about your touch,
and how I like it a bit too much;
I think about your hands,
and all of their possible plans;
I think about your lips,
and how I’d feel when we kiss.

But then I think some things are better off undone
I get the feeling we should hit the pavement and run

Are we lonely, bored, or just having fun?
Is it the attention…

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