The devil’s in the synopsis

I think this is all of us when there is that ONE thing we absolutely do not want to do. We think about it, talk about it, dream about it, obsess about it, and in the meantime clean the kitchen tiles with a toothbrush. The ultimate form of procrastination is built in our DNA and we are destined to be miserable during this procrastination period. Do we learn from this and just avoid it the next time around? Of course not!

Rebecca Tinnelly

This week has been a week of procrastination. Reading books, cleaning the kitchen floor, wiping the toothbrush stains from the sink, even EVEN doing the ironing. The ironing for goodness sake! All in the name of avoiding the one and only part of writing I do not like. The synopsis.

I have dreamed about it, too. I was in hell, actual hell, and had to write my synopsis. That was it, the entire dream. There were no flames, no devils ripping out my fingernails or lashing me with burning whips. Hell, in my dream, was me sitting on my sofa and being asked to write my synopsis.

There is an awful lot of advice on the internet about how to write one, what you should and should not include, how to format. I got the sense that all these article explaining how to write a synopsis were written by people…

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The Right Words

@bombusbombidae: You are one of the few people whose advice I always seek out. As confrontational as I am, even I am scared at times of saying things because I am afraid they will result in rejection, anger, silence, tears, everything mentioned in “The Right Words.” It’s such an insightful post; I had to reblog it. Enjoy everyone:)

From The Inside Out

Have you ever wanted to say something to someone but couldn’t find the right words? Maybe you feared their reaction? You wonder, would they become defensive and angry or not even acknowledge the words that you struggled to get out? Would it be worth the hours it took, staring at the paper trying to express yourself?

Being an inmate of a Florida State prison, it isn’t easy for me to sit back and give advice. I am sure there are many people who have stumbled upon this blog and laughed, thinking, “how is a convict going to try to tell me what to do?” That same though runs through my head as well. Who am I to be telling you anything?

The catch is, when you find yourself in a situation like mine, a lot of things that once were, aren’t anymore. Perception of life changes, your priorities become more…

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