Feminism: It’s about equality, not about being proved right

Has the word ‘feminism’ been hijacked to take away from a woman’s ability to make choices or to excuse behavior that is by not even definition; feminist? Yes.

WHY do we have so much trouble with this word?? It is ‘equality between the sexes.’ That’s it. And of course the institution and/or movement that promotes such. But it’s derogatory. It’s outdated. It’s misunderstood. It’s ‘no longer needed.’ It has ‘changed with time.’ No, no, no, no and um . . . NO.

Please read the following post and educate and enlighten yourself. It’s a wonderful piece and I appreciate the author’s insight.


In 2002, back when the world was fucked up in a slightly different way to how it’s fucked up now, Katharine Viner wrote a piece for the Guardian in response to George W Bush’s assertion that war in the Middle East would increase “respect for women”. It ended with this paragraph, which I’ve always remembered:

Feminism is used for everything these days, except the fight for true equality – to sell trainers, to justify body mutiliations, to make women make porn, to help men get off rape charges, to ensure women feel they have self-respect because they use a self-esteem-enhancing brand of shampoo. No wonder it’s being used as a reason for bombing women and children too.

While I’m unsure of a couple of specific examples, I can’t help thinking the general point is spot on, and as true now as it was 11 years ago. Feminism is a brilliant…

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Every part of this post touches my life in some way–letting your guard down, learning to trust, letting people in, looking past flaws, relationships and expectations, and the undercurrent of all of this–FEAR. Give it a read and see how much of it relates to your life!

From The Inside Out

“How is one supposed to know when to trust someone versus when to stay guarded? How is one supposed to evaluate the risk of establishing a relationship? Will it be worth it? Will I get hurt? Geesh. Who the hell knows? I think I tend to be guarded; it takes awhile for me to get close to someone. In a way, I think it has saved me from a lot of heartache; but I also think that being guarded has prevented me from establishing a lot of relationships that could have turned out to be wonderful. Sometimes, I get mad at myself for not letting my guard down. Perhaps, if I let my guard down, I’d have more than…like, four friends.”

      -L. Postaski to Michelle Postaski; letter, dated 01/23/16

I am sure I am not the only one who can relate to what my sister (L. Postaski)…

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Criminal Justice Reform

I would add almost nothing to this post except that the economic discrimination in the system is actually worse than the racial discrimination–though the two are intricately linked. Well done, Rick Cooley.

And shame on my Florida Governor Rick Scott, for changing the clemency laws Charlie Crist worked hard to get through the state senate. Now in FL, a person must wait FIVE YEARS from the end of their probation or parole period, or their release from incarceration, before having their basic rights restored. A shameful move with a clear political agenda.

Rcooley123's Blog

For years now, many both inside and outside of government have decried the inequities and injustices visited upon our populace by our inappropriately named “criminal justice system”. Punishment not befitting the nature of crimes people have been convicted of, inequality in terms of who is being convicted and how they are being sentenced and how people are being treated by our economic and political system once they are released from incarceration are three of the main problems identified as leading to massive injustice within our society as a whole.

Factors involving race and economic status have led to an inordinate proportion of members of racial minorities (most notably African Americans) and economically disadvantaged individuals being caught up in a seemingly unending cycle perpetuating racial, socio-economic and political inequality. Some people find themselves at an obvious disadvantage when facing treatment under the laws of the land which keeps them and their…

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Sanders Finances – Bring a Shovel

The media won’t do it. Even the Clinton campaign doesn’t have the time to vet Bernie to the extent you will see here. Bernie Sanders, watch out, your record’s been split wide open and the results are so, so ugly.

For instance, did you know that between 2011-2016, Bernie Sanders took campaign donations from SuperPACs? One of them called themselves ‘Friends of Bernie.’ Heh.

Bernie Sanders keeps his great wealth–valued at 1.5 million–mostly in his wife’s name. He is most likely avoiding SuperPACs by using a huge chunk of that money, while claiming to be ‘free’ of special interests. He has a history of putting in large sums of money to help self-fund his campaigns.


Any ‘ism,’ including sexism, is PREJUDICE + POWER. That power speaks to institutionalized power. When running against female candidate, Madeleine Kunin, in Vermont, ‘He urged voters not to vote for me just because I was a woman. That would be a “sexist position,” he declared.’ Um, no.

Not voting for a man because he’s a man is NOT ‘sexist.’ It’s discriminatory. However, men have institutionalized power, meaning they have privilege in every major social institution. This is Soc 101, folks. Voting against a woman because she is a woman is sexist. Bernie, you don’t seem to one, know, or two, care too much about women’s issues. Bernie Sanders doesn’t even understand a woman’s position of institutionalized oppression!

<> on January 17, 2016 in Charleston, South Carolina.
CHARLESTON, SC – JANUARY 17: Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton (L) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) participate in the Democratic Candidates Debate hosted by NBC News and YouTube on January 17, 2016 in Charleston, South Carolina. This is the final debate for the Democratic candidates before the Iowa caucuses. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Bernie Sanders‘ wife works closely with a former Golden Sachs exec with WCS–Waste Control Specialists–dumping nuclear waste in Sierra Blanca, TX on a Latino community living 2.6 times below the poverty level. In 1998, Bernie Sanders’ was a lead proponent for H.R. 629, a ‘private compact between Texas, Vermont and Maine.’ There are only 14 feet separating this disgusting and unnecessary dump site from water. Bernie Sanders is NOT a friend of the environment or the impoverished.

Bernie Sanders supports special interests. In 2012 American Crystal Sugar donated $10,000 to one of his SuperPACs. Did he pay them back, so to speak? Oh, yeah. Funny thing . . . he tabled a vote on legislation to repeal sugar subsidies, preventing said legislation from passing.

Bernie Sanders is NOT in favor of any kind of ‘revolution’–he doesn’t even support protesters, despite the fact that the right to do so is a Constitutional one. During the GE Weapons Protest, he stood on the side of the Burlington Police Department while the brave protesters were arrested and refused to engage in any kind of dialogue with them.

In 1998, Sanders was encroached upon at a political rally by desperate citizens wanting to know what he was going to do about Sierra Blanca, TX, the waste site that his hands are bloody with. They wanted to know about their homes and their children and  their welfare. Like a 2-yr-old who doesn’t get his way, he sulked off stage. When asked if he was going to do anything about Sierra Blanca he said he was not; he was going to run for re-election in Vermont. Rich, White Vermont citizens are worth Bernie Sanders time, but poor, Latino’s having nuclear waste dumped all over their community are not. Why? Because it’s making him rich. *hands dripping blood*

There are more examples of Bernie opposing ‘revolutions’ that weren’t in his favor or to his liking at the above links. Bernie Sanders has seen protests against the abuse of the environment and the mistreatment of the poor and his reaction was to turn his back and walk away.

It is also worth mentioning that both Bernie and his supporter–BernieBots–have their panties in a bunch because Hillary won’t release a few professional speeches, but Bernie Sanders won’t release his tax returns.

These are just a few of the examples (and they are very short summations) that can be found at the article(s) below. What we can garner from this, though, is an important revelation about the character of Senator Bernie Sanders–he is dishonest to the core. He is no outsider. He is as wrapped up in special interests as your average politician. He doesn’t even hate Wall Street! The reason nobody has heard about this supposed ‘man of the people’ before this is because he isn’t one. He is not a friend to the working class, the impoverished, the environment, minority groups, the disabled, the underdog. He’s running a good game, mostly on Millennials, who are caught up in his empty rhetoric.

For even more on Bernie Sanders’ finances not included in the articles below, please see Follow the Money: How Bernie Sanders’ Campaign is One Giant Con on the American People.

By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube

UPDATE 3/8/2016: Bernie Sanders and Jane Driscoll getting Jonathan Leopold’s help during a budget battle.


UPDATE: Bernie Sanders’ cash on hand for self-funding political campaigns:

campaign-self-funding Bernie Sanders Cash


  • The Sanders true net worth is far higher than reported, some have calculated as being well over $1.5 million.
  • Other than joint real estate, almost all of the Sanders’ assets are in Jane’s name.
  • Jane Sanders and daughter Carina Driscoll were paid to do campaign…

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I am so, so happy to see this post. Mindfulness has changed my life, as I am convinced that living in the moment and accepting things as they are–including oneself and one’s thought’s as they are–will do so for anyone.

I cannot explain the joy of feeling the ground beneath my feet, the sun on my face, and the cup of coffee in my hand while calmly accepting that I am worried about a deadline. That acceptance let’s the worry roll right through me and not take possession of me. I have gone from someone who was secretively anxious most of the day to someone who is amazing calm and truly enjoys life. Of course, I have combined Mindfulness with meditation and strenuous workouts with my personal trainer–things I highly advocate, as well. Taking care of both mind and body is extremely important to overall health.

In a post in my favorite blog (please check it out) fromtheinsideout88.wordpress.com entitled “To Get Lost or Be Found,” posted on Jan 29, 2016, the author alludes to how much our thoughts control our daily experiences. It reminded me of a Proverb that says, “As a man thinks, so therefore he is.”

Thank you again, Sarah, for your stellar review of “The Gifts of Imperfection” and for bringing attention to the importance of Mindfulness.