#SoCS: Jesus Is A Democrat

I keep harping on something, going over and over something in my head, and continuing to verbally process to the point that I’M VERY SURE everyone is fed up with hearing it. I cannot guess what went through the minds of the 80%, YES, THAT’S EIGHT ZERO PERCENT, of self-described Evangelicals who voted for 45. 

What. The….?? What did I miss? What did they miss? That automatically checking (R) is a good idea because Dems are “evil”? Evil feminist who want to break up families, love abortions, want to turn people into lesbians (*gasp*) and quite possibly burn their bras. 

I’m a PK: Pastor’s Kid. I wasn’t always happy with what was said and done in the church, but honestly, a lot of that had to do with my ignorant, self-absorbed, White suburban angst. I’ll admit to seeing hypocrisy in some and having to see the personal life of the one who worked in the pulpit. It puts a spin on the services, no doubt.

But I’ll admit people who used “gutter language,” as my Mom calls it, admit openly to “grabbing women by the pussy” in their own words on tape; say their daughter is a “hot piece of ass” again in their own voice on tape, and lie a whopping 68% of the time were not anything I ever saw. I cannot guess, cannot fathom, why these people think those qualities are acceptable in the leader of the free world. 

I saw a tweet recently aimed at Liberty University grads that said they should have made Jesus the center-piece of their graduation ceremony and not 45. What was he doing there? Babbling about some commitment to the Lord? 45 was once a full-fledged Democrat so I guess he and Jesus have that one thing in common. 

I keep seeing Twitter profiles of people who call themselves Christians and defend 45, Wake. Up. Jesus is a Democrat. Nothing he said in his time on Earth espoused GOP principles. He spoke of forgiveness and salvation, not crime and punishment. Having been imprisoned himself, he said to minister to prisoners, not take blood money from for-profit prisons looking to bulk item human beings, buy GOP votes and exploit the oppressed, addicted, impoverished and undocumented workers.

Please show me which chapter and verse espouses these values. Even when it comes to the economy, the control of the largest body of government, and taxation, Jesus said simply to give to Caesar what was Caesar’s and God what was God’s. The fruits of the spirit are not about collecting stuff, big business, following the money, or incarcerating 25% more than any other country.

Let’s bottom line this: I don’t believe any true Evangelical did anything but vote out of ignorance. I’d be happy to have a conversation re this subject matter with anyone who self-identifies. These are my feelings, freestyle; not a polished opinion piece but I hope I got my point across. 

As I tweeted earlier today, I’m so disgusted with the people of the church, I’m sure I cannot bring myself to even go with my family to a Christmas Eve service. Disgusted. Beyond. Believe. I guess ignorance is not always bliss. Certainly not for the United States.

And also, I’m disgusted, disgusted and disgusted. Will I feel better now? We will see. . . Donate to Democrats Work for America. Why? Simple: because they DO espouse the values most voted for by the people of this country and they are dedicated to putting like-minded individuals in the House and Senate in 2017-8. It’s what I believe Jesus would do.

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3 thoughts on “#SoCS: Jesus Is A Democrat

  1. JoAnna

    All Christians did not vote for 45. And I think you’re right about Jesus, though he probably would not have aligned himself with a political party. His his values and teachings were about forgiveness and salvation, helping the poor, love, and kindness.

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