This blog is here to rock your world. (Yes, really.)

It’s about believing that YOU and I together can change things. It’s as simple as a tweet, a vote for a candidate–whether you believe it matters or not, a comment on a blog, a letter to the Editor. Start somewhere. This is your world, your life, your country, your community, your backyard.

It is about raging against injustice for the sake of those who cannot defend themselves, or who are not treated equally, who were done wrong, who have done nothing wrong, or who have done everything wrong but are treated wrongly. Enough. Is. Enough.

Bur there is a great menu to choose from here. You will find something that speaks to you, for it is about humanity. About emotions, rawness, vulnerability, and imperfections. These are the things that make us all human–the things we don’t want to talk about. Consistently changing YOU (and me:), by remaining open-minded and flexible to circumstances is the most important change of all.

If you think you can handle it, jump on board;) And great writing is always appreciated. Please contact me with yours. I feel privileged to have you here with me.

— LC:)



10 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. basants

    Hey there, I was wondering if you would be interested in participating in a blogging event I have just created called My Monthly Memories. It’s about creating an archive for you and your audience through monthly posts, I would love it if you would partake. You can find all the information here: https://thoughtsofasociallyanxiousextrovert.wordpress.com/my-monthly-memories-monthly-blogging-event/
    Thanks again!

    Basant She

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